MMA Belts

The connections throughout the Mixed Martial Arts industry of Intimidation Interactive Media are immense as the company has relationships with brands and other businesses handling everything from fighter blood work to championship belts for MMA, boxing and wrestling promotions. Offering new, unique designs that are priced in line with the generic title belts from the big name company that the boring MMA promotions use, our partners have the best designs and quality money can buy in a championship belt. Whether you are a MMA promoter or fighter or you are looking for new boxing or wrestling belts for your champions, Intimidation Interactive Media will help you crown your champion in style. Order from the great selection of stock belts for your amateur champions and go all-out with a custom design for your pro champions. You cannot go wrong with ProAm Belts – the leaders in championship belts for MMA, boxing and pro wrestling promoters across the globe.

MMA Championship Belts int-belt_500


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